Hear From Students About What’s Happening In Our Margaret’s Places
Guilaine Jean-Pierre | Nov 10, 2015
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Joe Torre - Safe At Home

Through Margaret's Place - our violence prevention and intervention model - we work within the school environment to promote awareness, to prevent violence, and to help those students who have been affected by it.

The program includes a dedicated room on-premises, individual & group counseling, school wide campaigns, a violence prevention curriculum, peer leadership programs, and targeted workshops -- all serving to help these young people gain the knowledge, confidence, courage and skills that they need to effectively deal with the issue of violence in their lives.

Empowering the next generation in this way, we all move closer to a future that is free of abuse and its devastating effects - to a time when every child knows that she/he has the right to feel safe - at home, in school, and in the community.

Joe Torre - Safe At Home
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