How Does It Make Me Feel?
Guilaine Jean-Pierre | Dec 11, 2018
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You may live in a home where one adult phys­i­cally hurts or threat­ens his/her part­ner. You are not alone. Some other kids live in homes just like yours, and we’re here to help you.

You may have con­fus­ing feel­ings. It’s okay to have mixed feel­ings. We all feel different.

1. When there is fight­ing in my house, I feel _________.

Like it is my fault



Ner­vous or worried





Depressed or sad

Like I want to hurt myself

2. When there is fight­ing in my house and I am scared, sad or angry, my body feels funny. Some­times I _________.

Have a headache

Have a stomachache

Have a ner­vous belly or butterflies

Feel tired

Feel like I can’t sit still, restless

Feel dizzy

Have trou­ble breathing

3. Some­times I _________.

Don’t want to go home

Don’t want to be around my family

Think other peo­ple will break up my family

Feel con­fused about my feel­ings about my family

Try to keep the peace and keep quiet so I do not upset anyone

Feel respon­si­ble for mem­bers of my fam­ily and/or try to pro­tect them from the abuse

Remem­ber, you are not alone. It’s not your fault!

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