Making A Safety Plan
Guilaine Jean-Pierre | Jan 11, 2019
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There’s help if violence is happening in your home. Here is a list of things you can do to help yourself when adults are fighting:

  • Stay out of the fight because you may get hurt.
  • If you feel unsafe, figure out where you can go to feel safer.
  • If you feel that you are in danger, know how to get out quickly: doors, stairs and elevators.
  • When you are afraid, go to a safer place. This may be a neighbor’s house.
  • Call for help. You can call 911 or an adult you trust.
  • Make sure you know your home address and telephone number.

Everyone’s home life is different, so here are some questions to help you make your own safety plan:

  • Where can I go to feel safer in my home during a fight?
  • How can I get out of the house quickly and safely?
  • Which neighbor can I go to when I am scared?
  • What will I say when I call 911?
  • What is my address and phone number? (Write it down or say it to yourself until you know it.)

Remember, you are not alone. It’s not your fault!

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