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Guilaine Jean-Pierre | Nov 13, 2013
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Margaret's Place
Margaret's Place

Currently reaching kids in nine schools and two community centers in New York, New Jersey and California, Margaret’s Place, a tribute to Joe Torre’s mother, Margaret, provides middle and high school students with a “safe room” to talk to each other and a professional counselor trained in domestic violence intervention and prevention about violence-related issues.

Margaret’s Place Counselors

Margaret’s Place Counselors are beacons of hope for students struggling with violence in their homes, schools and communities. The counselors are daily reminders that there is help and that these young people are not alone.

Margaret’s Place Counselors are always working to create a safe room and a safe school. They provide individual and group counseling, conduct school-wide anti-violence campaigns, train students, staff, teachers and administrators and oversee the peer leaders.

Peer Leaders

Margaret’s Place Counselors work with students who want to add their voice to the program’s message of anti-violence. Peer Leaders are ambassadors for the Margaret’s Place within their school community.

The Counselors train the students to serve as role models and advocates of anti-violence. They learn and then educate their peers to recognize the signs of healthy relationships ver­sus unhealthy relationships, domestic violence and non-violent conflict resolution.

Peer Leaders work to create greater awareness and understanding of the impact of domestic violence and violence-related issues on the school community.

Please contact the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation at (212) 880-7360 if you’d like to find out more.

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