What is Domestic Violence or Teen Relationships Abuse?
Guilaine Jean-Pierre | Nov 12, 2013
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Domestic Violence (DV) and Teen Relationship Abuse are when one partner tries to take power/control over another partner.

Some Common Examples:

1. Verbal Abuse: Name Calling, Put downs, and Threats

2. Emotional Abuse: Extreme Jealousy, Blaming, Going through things without, permission, Isolation, Stalking

3. Physical Abuse: Slapping, Punching, Kicking, Pinching, Pushing, Pulling hair, Using objects or weapons to harm

4. Sexual Abuse: Unwanted kissing or touching, Pressure or threats to do sexual acts, Trying to control decisions related to birth control

5. Financial Abuse: Controlling money or belongings, Destruction of property

6. Cyber/Digital Abuse: Excessive calling, texting or emailing, Monitoring Facebook pages/texts/emails to see who the person is speaking to, Hacking into accounts,Sending messages pretending to be partner

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